The Game

The Game - 100

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ft. Drake


Johnny Juliano

Real nigga shit, all the night that you crib was like

Me black, forty, OB

We just sit and talkin’ bout life

Place and peace


Nigga call me to send you up,

Want me to come and wet you up

Cuz you out of town nigga like beat it and head ‘em why the shit are tidy

Heard ‘em why the shit will did this

So I came throw to fash you up

And I got it fast for forty and invest for hush and fass for her

And fass for every nigga that will allow just for that

I got LA unit fight, you better welcome in the suicide

Teachers ain’t testin’ us

See I know how it feels to be plattin’ plus,

Niggas is jealous so they surely tryin’ to back you up, take you up

But it’s over your block, money nigga catch things

Bullet like you catch and bust

Dog frame is a motherfucker

Do a nigga for the feather, you can’t do the fif

How soon they forget

Wanna blow you on the granny house and you not like fif

How a nigga suppose to love you niggas

Hard, beatin’ fast when I’m down and I’m for you niggas

Drink with me, not to trust me nigga

Your energy off, you fine and I rush you niggas

Just walk around the crib like

My nigga can’t live, get this money, fuck these bitches dog

Think about the beef lie

We can pass these motherfuckers traps like you face it cool


This my city nigga, everybody know it

Runnin’ round of town, just me and my four powl

Takin’ my time afford, hopin’ I ain’t got for sure

LA niggas be the craziest, these nigga do some shady shit

Niggas I run up on your car, catch you off dog

Like you’re not winnin’ baby shit, shawty I’m fucked up


Y’all better not come on my studio with that face shit

Y’all better not come on my funeral with that fake shit

Y’all better all realize there’s nothin’ that you have do with me

All I ever ask is keep it anymore those 92 women on

All I ever ask is x 2

100 x 2

Envy the


My nigga thanks for nothin’, thanks for bluffin’

Thank you so, so much for hang your true colors to every single fuckin’ function

Had niggas tell me in my face how we’re a family

And how they love me

Why were they schemin’ off the budget

Now when I see ‘em, they was actin’ funny

People been reachin’ out to me and I’m on so straight, on responsive shit

I will have so many friends if I didn’t have money respecting the accomplishes

I will have so many friends if I held on the truth and I just gave our compliments

I will have all of your fans, if I didn’t go poppin’ I stay on some country shit

I will have so many more friends if I’ll lose my success and my confidence

Envy the

I’m in the club, every time they play the competition

Even if they play the competition, I ain’t see a response to get

And nobody’s even hearin’ in

On top of the pyramid, might go there and make it disappear again

My circle got some smarter way to make you disappear

Sayin’ to myself



This four seven was my real nigga

Held a nigga down since he was a real nigga

If he will still alive he would kill niggas

He was gone and snoop, I was makin’ mills nigga

Nigga know how it feel when I listen your nigga

Can’t think so you hold up that indigo

Stressin’ while drivin’ down finder road

Blowin’ crust glasses until he’s gone and my goal stand

Make a real nigga wanna get like we got, like here we go

Screamin’ for me in front of glass, they won’t hear me dog

Guess they too busy with 2 pocket piggy

You niggas don’t feel me, know that was for sure

Watch I take shots, why, you does in treasy

That’s cold you know, get all in front of my city dog

Could not give all that in age town

So underground that I gotta stay trill nigga

So you wrapped up from the waste in

That’s the world panted and real nigga shit was so simple when age man was out

He had a young nigga right there with me

So happy when blow the venchy and got out

We can’t walk on these California streets

LA niggas we’re the craziest

These niggas do some shady shit

Niggas will run up on your car

Catch you off God like you will win that baby shit

Got a nigga confuse but wild nigga gotta chose

Don’t even matter dog cuz I’m always be a real nigga

Always be a real nigga

I never learn how to be none but a real nigga


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