The Game

The Game - 100 Barz And Gunnin'

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verse 1 : 100 bars and im gunnin shotgun aimed on bleek now im really gunnin joe buddens and bleek 2 worse rappers alive ill kill both of them with a gun then ill have me some damn fun.Time to get on these ni**as cause im the sh** in cali hi** as towei something like young jezzy pass by bleek his new name sheep brezzy roc-a-fella gotta get rid of that dude he cant pay for his food he not in a good mood he the worse rapper alive now who wann start some beef ill put out the SMG and start some sh**.this is my number 1 hit next up benzio that n***a reminds me of a tenzliy h**.I rap my A** of for this rap game i mean im tha mane not like gucci mane but im so icy in the back alley rollin that dicey like me people cant rap like me cause i switch my beats , pack my heat , roll on the street and shoot the heat i might not be the game but if he reads this i will get fame im tha mane like "SH** IM THE "REAL" MANE" got alot of fans hit me up on the text mail i gotta stay or bail outta jail . now back to the beef lets switch it to 50 and g-unit beef . dont like dem people the real retarded go shorty its ur birthday i thought tru hustlas dont celeabrate deyy banks he sounds like sum 88 sh** that dude and young buck will never make a hit.Yayo and olivia got mixed upYayo a woman and olivia a man ahahaha god da**.S*** what dey gone do i sh** them N**** out like popo.oh nono mutha fu*** im out see yall somewhere else im bouncin out like there aint no doubt.A-Town !

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