The Flatliners

The Flatliners - Fred's Got Slacks

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Destroy positions of power and what stands between you and the final stretch

Where you find out what happens in the end

Man on the corner preaching, screaming the devil is coming!

And the earth will plummet to the ground again

I hope to death that no one knows and they don't find a way

To bullshit, cheat, lie, and steal

Then run away through the trenches and the streets

The famous alleyway

I've got a feeling that today is not my day

The facts have been stated, they're implausible

The cause of the week

Too heavy for a freak like me

Like me

Hit the brick running with the rhythm in your feet

And all your feelings in a fist

It's too much to resist when you're only 16

Waiting for the weekend train to come

Right outta here

6 strings to the wind and I'm gone

Head on collision with the barrel of our social forms gun

When the shells hit the ground, it's time to go home

Apathetic, were pathetic

It's easy to see

The fires ignited and the flames have gotten the best of me

Hands up, fists high

For everyone to see!

Were destructive, so disruptive

It's gotten to me

Lets hit the streets and show em what we mean


We've got the heart and mind to mix in with the gasoline

Hopping along the border of whats rude and whats insane

It's the same as everyday

Everyday is the same

Still haven't found the answers to the questions I've been asking

And nothing strikes resemblance to the memory I remember

Those days, didn't they seem so long ago?

Free to go wherever we wanted

Free to say no

End of the line and were really wasting time

End of the like and theres no one left behind us

Hit the cobblestone road

Theres precision in the distance

Who gives a fuck if hes a metro-sexual?

I know you did, cause you're a hetero-molestico

Theres malice in the words that first seemed oh so comfortable

Finding a new way can be devastating to some

Look on the bright side, you're not the one toting a gun

You wipe your ass like everybody does

And ask for my reasons

Well I've got none

Hands up

Fists high

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