The Federation

The Federation - Hyphy

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Wit Ric Roc beats yeah fella I rock it

I got my strap tucked in,vest tucked in,clip tucked in, Hyphy and

Move like a smoka on blim on the block,and dont be mad if yo homies

Got shot. TJ the nigga that you need in ya life,Im sick from the jaw,look

At me on the mic. Crazy gas,break,dip on you ho's,and if you feel hyphy

Go and smoke a couple bowls,Hangin out the sun roof blowin the dope.The homie

Got the chopper up under the P coat. Go crazy,stupid,dumb,retarded,

Northern California gonna shoot up the party.Left coast,West coast,aimin at the Chest

coast,ever since Pac died forgot about the West coast. So my nigga we

feenin for that. 40 water,Federation and nigga bringin it back!


(Hy,Hy,Hyphy) Make the nosy neighbors wanna call the cops. Hyphy.

Checkin with them scrapers in the drop tops Hyphy.

Tweakin up and down the block Hyphy, getting pulled over nonstop, Hyphy

Make a baby mama slap her baby daddy. Pictures all on the hood and they pop the Caddy. Hyphy get them goin stupid YO YO YO HYPHY

Now as we take it from this back seat of music, I was taught to never pull a pistol on a hustle unless i was plannin on usin it. Swell sappy and Quacka bellin, however rock turtle, and Chacha pelly got the business ridin stock holders. When my juinors be figure eightin and gettin hyphy. Hangin all out the window and those scrapers were whistlin pyphy. all you throw on a can and shootin dice. That one aint good we be shootin kites.

Shoot me a letter back take out time to write. I'll shoot you a letter back you my boo for life. Surrounded by hustlas, hoodlums, and gangstas, Harrassed by them sheriffs and park rangers. For drinkin and smokin, perkin, gettin blitzed. For resistin arrest wit two cops up in my shit. They wanna put me to sleep nighty nighty, but i'm a HOULAHAFA i'm too hyphy!

Hyphy! (chorus)

Thanks to ed for these lyrics

Thanks to ed for these lyrics

Thanks to @ohmymio for correcting these lyrics

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