The Fast and the Furious movie

The Fast and the Furious movie - Good Life (Remix)

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Song by Faith Evans and Murderers<br /><br>

[Cadillac Tah]<br>

Aint no niggas like the Murderers<br>

Get it Crunk; buy out the bar, tear up the clubs<br>

We live to good life very expensive cars<br>

In the Roge; You hand-cuffin'<br>

We run through, man its nuttin'<br>

Man we Huntin', For houses in the Hampton<br>

Just a little somethin' to Lampon<br>

Me and my camp be ballin like professional ballers do it<br>

Better yet like no other, how you love it<br>

Man we livin' the good life<br>


[Faith Evans]<br>

Seven days of work with no break<br>

I got to take the day off to unwind<br>

It gives my time to get away<br>

A little time to ease my mind (my mind)<br>



Forget about your worries<br>

Save your problems for tomorrow<br>

Tonite just try to have a good time (Got to have a good time)<br>

Mr. DJ take it easy<br>

Let the music help you do it<br>

Tell me don't you want to live the good life<br>

And have a good time doin' it<br>


No friends, no stress its the good life <br>

Lay back, relax in the good life<br>

Good love, no mess in the good life<br>

Wanna live in the good life<br>


[Ja Rule]<br>

Baby, baby, who dat remind you of<br>

Not trey, B.I.G. and Faith was in love (the good life)<br>

Live it up, however you like<br>

Drip your body in ice, clubbin tonite (Is that right)<br>

Pull up in the V12, 6 ooh me and you (the good life)<br>

Get it up in the club, toast it up<br>

cause you can't get enough of the good life<br>


[Faith Evans]<br>

Dancin with a glass of champagne<br>

Or maybe Chardonnay<br>

Keep me feelin' good all night<br>

Seen so many happy people on the floor<br>

Leave your problems at the door<br>






When I come through the door<br>

I work the floor<br>

We gonna sip all night - here's some Remy for y'all<br>

I stay cute, star studded with a platinum cross<br>

VS-1, DS diamond with a rainbow gloss<br>

That ain't half of what I do when I flood scene<br>

Short, sassy but petite, and my pockets mean<br>

Yeah! I live the good life in the big-body Benz<br>

S.-5 a celli with twenty friends<br>

The Good Life<br>




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