The Fall Of Troy

The Fall Of Troy - Quarter Past

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Quarter past midnight sitting here in the moonlight

No offense my dear I hope you know

Tonight I write to you...

And that is a question

A conversation

Did I mention

A foul intention?

Let me demonstrare, elaborate, your likelyhood honey

Honey how you taunt me

Question after question

Story after story

Tensions move way too fast and Im afraid to say

what would you think of me anyway?

Heres a few things that I might say

If you really wanna know

Ive got nothing in my way

1, 2, 3 overdose!

You made me feel like I can fly

Keep me up all damn night

Incredible I know your skeptical

Believe me Im not wasting any time

I found what I had to find

Its whats on my mind

Sitting here in the sunshine

Trying to put you outta my mind

But I know my dear no way no how

So much to learn so much to find out

In any way in any case

Maybe tomorrow baby but not today!

Thanks to AndrewF for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Ryan N. for correcting these lyrics

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