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The Elwins - Show Me How To Move lyrics

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If I had anyone to hold on to

If I had anyone for a day

We could be outta here

Out of town and back around

Cha-cha in my room to the A-Side

Dancin' slow, thinkin' of you

Right now I have to know if I should let you go


Step close to me, see every piece of me glide along endlessly

I know it today, I've made up my mind

Show me how to move, show me how to move

You're spinnin' me round, can't tell if I'm dead

Show me how to move, I'm comin' up to you

(Verse 2)

Looking down at my wrist for an answer

Pony tails, gonna say I pass now

Turn around, it's clear, ya know, that I won't let it go

Ticking clocks gotta stop, stop shreddin' me

Meet you where all the time from the church to the cemetery



Never rub the floor, I had it all

Just enough time to prove that what was in my head

Can be shaken, now so dead

Like reason, take a rest!


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