The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Touched by All lyrics

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Come over here, to me

Wrap me in the darkness between your thighs

Standing on the streets of love

Bring down the tyranny of slavery

Let us fly free into beyond

Dispossess the mind controllers

Disarm the plagues of fear and desire

Stay unknowable but evident

Touched by all, owned by none

(Verse 2)

When we have liberated the city of dreams

Eaten on Earth, drunk in fire

Will our specters howl at the return of pain and wrongdoing?

As the beasts of war devour our avenues?

And generals dispense their justice

Bodies burning, children eviscerated

Mass graves mounted to choke the sky

In ignorant betrayal of our own true nature

Touched by all, owned by none

(Verse 3)

The new adventure of youth

Champion of the light to be

To love, to endure integral

Let us not shake our fists and folly

Led us beyond life and death

In the vasture of this moment

Plunger ourselves into the ocean of everything

And let the part-less wain of creativity

Fashion a new universe

Touched by all, owned by none


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