The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Formless Depths lyrics

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Uh, running on down to the hole in the city

A head full of smoke and a heart with no pity

Keep sliding down the slippery pole to the edge of the night

Take me out and breathe me in, I hold a ten ton hammer to your skin

Where the right is wrong and you know wrong is right

I'm gonna hold ya down till you're ready to grip

You gotta hold onto me with your eyes and yo lips

Gonna suck out yo poison, make ya whole again

In the formless depths of Zim Zam Zim

(Verse 2)

Where everyone's runnin' to the top of the hill

Icecaps melting, waters rising still

Storm winds howling, flames up in the sky

Towers have fallen, smoke fills your lungs

Endless beginnings have no longer begun

You've reached your sell by date

It's time to die

Some prayin' for the end to come fast

Pushing and a-shovin', they're tryna get past

To find a spot where death has never been

In the formless depths of Zim Zam Zim

(Verse 3)

Take me in, breathe me out

End your fear, your terror, your doubt

You can't escape the final twisting joke

The tide of greed, tide of hate

Take up your Loved ones before it's too late

The air around you is thick with choking smoke

Waves of destruction filling the sky

People don't care if they live or die

They just want to feel the breath running through their lungs

While they're singing the song that shouldn't be sung

It could be the end, it might all begin

In the formless depths of Zim Zam Zim

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