The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire - The Heart Is A Cannibal

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She hates you, then she loves you more

Underneath the shadows of her thoughts, shadows of her thoughts, she rings a bell for you

I wish that she was a statue made of gold and nobody could bring her down


Goodness knows I don't like sadness, she cries before she wakes

And so my friend, if you love her, don't turn away

Don't fight it

Don't run away

We're people, and we're animals

You're thunder, and the heart is a cannibal

I ask you do you love me more than all the men that have ever come before, come before

And when I'm a storm, kiss me, hurt me, heal me with your words, so nobody can ever bring me down


When love is gone, your thoughts are calm

Your words are holy, your days are long

Your blood gets older, and your face is old

And the days flow by like water

You miss the stormy weather

And she was gold


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