The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire - Protons, Nuetrons, Electrons

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I've done too much of some things

And not enough of others

Just like all life lovers

I've changed and changed

and changed and changed

From one thing to another

I've had complicated dealings

With complicated feelings

And I've cut and bruised and torn

I made blinds on the windows of my mind

with the time that my back once wore

I'm a single person in this universe

And I am here to say to you:

On the day that I die I'll just give a smile

And fly into the blue


(Cause we're all just)

Protons, Neutrons, Electrons

That rest on a Sunday

Work on a Monday and someday soon

We'll be singing the old tunes

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-doo

I'll be sitting on the porch with you

Then I'll die and I'll fly off into the blue

Some night I see the world with its winds and its whirls

And I feel undefeated

But every day I see the girl with the strawberry curl

And I'm too shy to meet her

Some nights I go to bed

There's a ghost in the air above my head

And I tremble

Sometimes I eat KFC

Other times I give up meat

And I just eat lentils

I'm a singe person in the universe

And I am here to sing a song

About the day that I was born

Till the day that I'll be gone

And the song won't last for long

(Cause we're all just)


And enemy is a remedy to a malady in your melody

If you're strong not brittle

And a friend is a friend

Is a friend to the end and it's oh so simple

A man is a man and a woman is a woman

But the times we are living in demand

That a man can change from a man to a woman

And a woman can demand to be a man

We're just flesh with socks and locks and frocks

And I am here to say to you

On the day that I die I'll just give a smile and fly into the blue

(Cause we're all just)


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