The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire - Miserere

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Do you ever look around

turn your ear to the ground

show your face to the sky

on a night when the skies echoe sounds

from inside of your mind

on the stage that you shone

where the sun did become you

and move with your thoughts

through the sighs and the scenes

of the worlds you have seen

and the sights that have been

your reflection in shadows and dreams?

- your reflection in shadows and dreams

Did you ever see a man

who did walk down the street

white robe with no shoes on his feet

and on top of his head place a box with two slits

and the sign from his neck said

‘I do not exist'

or a woman who could not remember her name

did stutter and stutter

again and again

and saw you and called you her son

her eyes said

‘my being is gone

but still I'm not dead'?


Have you ever seen a sound

have you listened to an image

have you ever touched a thought

have you ever tasted nothing

have you ever told a lie

that was true more than truth

because truth it had lied

all its life when it spoke to you?

And what did it say

it is that it is this

this goes here here is there

it is not yes it is

it was dulling your senses

your eyes they were bound

have you ever my friends

been looking around?

And the other replies

with a wave of a hand

I am already here

in this promised land

but not by a god and not by a king

and not by a spirit

deep from within

I am here

because a miracle's a whim

it's a flash of glory

it's an empty tin

and maybe might lets you in

not to save you

but to keep on looking-


Have you ever

been so happy that you're sad?

that the lights turn to stars

and the stars become eyes

and hello's are goodbye's

and the laughs are the sigh's

and the show disappears with the note

‘until next time'

Long live living

if living can be this

Long live living

if living can be this

Long live living

if living can be this

Long live living

if living can be this

Do you ever look around

and find what is yet to be found?

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