The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect - ...And The Promise Of The Truth

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Into the sea, the shining sea<br>

You were taken away from me<br>

So, so far away<br>

As our good son set today<br>


Is there a better way?<br>


In these memories we'll be forever<br>

Safe from the world we'll see<br>


If we stand now together<br>

I'll give my heart <br>

For the promise of the truth<br>

It's now or never<br>

I'll give my life<br>

When there's nothing left to lose<br>


At any price we're lost<br>

Paid more than was the cost<br>

For freedom we send our own<br>

Into the distance<br>

Lights unknown<br>


Nothing is worth this now<br>

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