The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect - A.D

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The ones who wait

For judgment

To befall them

And deserved are we

That need no judgment

Fear nothing

But nothing itself

Find faith in yourselves

For you're all Gods

All of you

Within yourselves

In this

The year

We pray

And after the wooden icons have infested your mind

Ground your feet

And all that is real

And bare the scars

of all your convictions

Wear them


The proud

The standalones


Do not ask forgiveness from the icon

Ask it from yourselves

Sickness beginning

Lies continuing

Story and fable

See-through not able

Its cold and dry

As I am (design?) the sea

That blinds me behind me

But nothing is left of me

Hide behind as I decide

For the end of time

We will be

So as I find my eye itself

It's jealousy

The evolution would be

But nothing is left to see

What I decide

Give time

To the end of time

When I would be left to see

More to the meaning

Forbidden you feel me

I'm broken and freezing

Exhausted from breathing

The weakness beginning

Try and believe it

No more

We believe you

I'm not like you

Go and be gone

you betrayed my trust

Lies all lies all lies all lies

If you stay

You feel without feeling

All is lost

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