The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect - 7 Days

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Lost our way<br>

And on the road we walk alone<br>

Into the grey<br>

There's no signs to lead us home<br>

Are we bound to fall?<br>

And lose the light of day<br>

Have we lost it all?<br>

How long we've been away<br>


Break me<br>

You're breaking me so slow<br>

Don't make me<br>

Don't make me let you go<br>


Seven days<br>

In the desert of your heart<br>

Count the ways<br>

Every footstep to the start<br>

We got so close this time<br>

Have you come to take me home?<br>


I am always on the outside looking in<br>


You're taking me down so slow<br>

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