The Bicycles

The Bicycles - B-B-Bicycles lyrics

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I found a girl yeah she's so pretty

But my pretty little girl lives in a different city

She's so good yeah she's so sweet

With a pretty little name that starts with a 'B'



She asked me for a record i said you gotta be patient

It's not just a band it's a mode of transportation

And honey when you hear it you're gonna freak

It's the greatest little thing and it starts with a 'B'



Bonnie don't you cry if i'm not by your side

One day you'll understand your happiness is your hands



You g-g-g-g-g-g-gotta believe

Bonnie and The Bicycles is all i really need

Two little things that start with a 'B'<br />

<br />

Thanks to razvan

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