The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Yeah You Get Props lyrics

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You know sho' nuff, Nuts got bass in your face

Take a taste, World Famous trio in the place

In a race, cock and blast for your sugar

Bucking niggas off just like I was picking boogers

I heat up, now I got the competition fired

Said he better than the Kool then the nigga's fucking lying

Cause I'm a trip up, when I slip up, maybe rip him

He with his man then I gotta fucking dip him

Pa-pow, give him one right to the kisser

Used to peep a shorty and I think her name's Clarissa

I miss her, plus the way she freak when I'm sleeping

But I'm out to get the loot so I gotta keepin keepin

Keeping on, til the props come rolling

In, a billion women, I be like holding

Folding up my glocks cause the Fashion's def

I bring my homeboy in, I just kicked my last breath


Yeah nigga, get live, it don't matter

I got the double-oh shottie, 12 rounds to make your body splatter

With the ill-type flow, a wild renegade

Blowing niggas up for dough and just getting paid

Yo my style eats through, it's like cancer

Eliminating your whole crew and your dancer

Never front, I do work, believe that

Now I wonder why you and your crew couldn't see that

You know what I wanna hear, you know what I wanna hear!

(Yeah you get props!) [x4]

[Psycho Les]

Uh, pass me the M-I cro P-H-O-N-E, tracks we got plenty

To spread, yep, I had to fuck up Fred

Cause he caught me fucking Wilma donkey style on his bed

Fucking red-handed, the Nuts have landed

Busting nuts in bitches guts and then leaving 'em stranded

In an abandonded house, no blouse trying to escape

Got the bitch on video tape

You should have saw her trying to scratch the face on the villian

Told the bitch to stay the fuck out the woods but she chillin

So with no hassle let me catch you by my castle

If you're a bitch I'll fuck you, if you're a nigga I'll blast you

Ask a question, 3 seconds to answer

Kill a photographer shooting as a freelancer

On a mission trying to peek over my shoulder at the vinyl

The wino, coming at your ass like a rhino

Punk you know what I know, who deserves props

See you couldn't figure B out with an autopsy

Huh, it's like that, we could never be the wack

Black it's like this, step up and get dissed

You know what I wanna hear, you know what I wanna hear!

(Yeah you get props!) [x4]


Yeah word up, this shit goes out to my niggas Edison and Slam up North

3CF Mob in effect, kid


Yeah, to all my niggas, all my niggas upstate, youknowhatimsaying?

Count Munce, my brother Devon, the whole crew, youknowhatimsaying?

Curry Clan, my nigga Sam Dean, you know what

[Strange boinging noise]

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