The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Work That Pole lyrics

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(feat. Tony Toouch)


What you know about it, yeah yeah yeah

What you know about it?

Another Beatnuts..T. Touch..extrrrrrrrravaganza

[Chorus: female talking horny]

I do the things that I know you like

I know you love it cause the coochie style

I'm not your buffy I don't wanna fight

I'ma buck it and my ...

[male].. say what.. no doubt.. all right..

Yeah.. damn right.. a-ha

[Tony Touch]

Aiyo I step in the club on some dilate nuevo

me and these nuts straight out the gettho

I like how you strut and uncrisp the lettos

tryin' to cover up, you still see the fellows

It's T. Touch mister bahapanti

with a rap for a mummy lookin' like ashanti

all in my ear talkin' 'bout she want me

cause she buzzin' off that off these full monty

ay bendito ay bendito

kick that unique flow start the freak show

hey barrito tranquillito

V.I.P. mode with my people

curtains is closed flirtin' with hoes

on the bona cause she heard o' the flows

freaky ton arse start workin' the pole

with her hands in my pocket searchin' for doe


[Psycho Les]

Too hot petite be too cold for pity yo

V.I.P. surrounded by big titty hoes

I make a toast to a chick

and tell her bottoms up

take her back to my room

and pull her bottom down

carta we brown mummy like tweat

takin' off her shirt then her skirt

went down to her feet

'echo's dj'ing'

I go brrr stick 'em

and puff lot love wit 'em

I get 'em in the mood

and I knew then I'd hit 'em

I lick 'em

if I love 'em I like 'em

when they thuggin'

once I plug the plug in

I have them ruggin' for the druggin'

I'm a animal under the sheets

when I'm bangin' you

like one of my beats

in my system

switchin' lanes on the streets

keep you close on

when you have clean one steam one

not she wanna suck a mean one


Where you at ma?


Come in the place saw the chicks alive

[female] you got a problem I can fix tonight?

honey I'ma lapdance till my dick's the light

[male] so you better get it right!

you look nice and I got a good feeling

and my wants are stacked up to the ceiling

a little smile makes you so appealing

right here that's where you need to be kneeling

come on girl sex you with sexy

poppin' that thing all over the plexi

take my money abuse and molest me

I wanna take it as far as you'd let me

a little condo may be a dream

maybe a little nightcap what do you think?

maybe you can make a man fall in love with a blink

right?ain't that right


[male] Ohh


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