The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - We Got The Funk lyrics

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(feat. Melonie)


Never be the same, never ("It's so hot")

The Beatnuts kid.. classic material (Yo.. hot shit)


C'mon man, whattchu gotcha head in ya ass

It's The Beatnuts, put that other shit in the trash

(Uhh) Why niggaz always tryna hate?

Like everytime we drop we ain't put the fuckin heat in ya face

Come on ("It's so hot")

Think it's not? We ready to rock

Loaded with the macks to the back of ya knot

Still reppin for the kids on the block (yep)

And if you leave ya girl open (what) chances are I'm takin a shot

("It's so hot")

[Psycho Les]

This is that funk shit - get drunk and start punchin

niggaz in the face for bluffin

You won't see me posin on the cover of nothin

cuz I'm always on the low tryna cover up somethin

Big Pysche, I hit like a bulldozer

I see a chica with an ass like Trina, I tell her +Pull Over+

("It's so hot") Mama - that ass look proper

Take ya panties off and twist it round the air like a helicopter

[Chorus x2: Melonie + (Beatnuts)]

We.. got the funk (we got it!)

We got the funk (we got it!)

We.. got the funk (we got it!)

We got the funk (we got it!)


Aiyyo girlfriend's dyin to leave

She lookin at me damn like "this faggot won't let me breathe"

Cuz you won't let her dance my shit

Mad at the fact the club jump when they bang my shit

(" hot") and that's the way I'm keepin it homes

You got a problem? I suggest you leave it alone

(Man...) Later chump, I'ma go snatch me a hottie (uh-huh)

Crack a few beers man, bullshit and party

[Psycho Les]

Yes yes y'all (yes yes y'all)

Yes yes y'all (yes yes y'all)

I'm from Wonderpeople Corps - Pyscho Les y'all (Les y'all)

Beatnuts in the house

Hunnies wanna jerk and "beat nuts" in their mouth

and swallow it down

They're sayin shorty's in that new video

Yo turn it down, it be the same hoes at my shows buggin out

Make you pop, lock, do the ro-bot

It's The Beatnuts, everything we drop is.. (" hot")

[Chorus x2]

[Melonie vocalizing]

(we got it!) .. (we got it!)

You know we got it

Melonie, The Beatnuts (we got it!)

We keep it funky, everyday (we got it!)

That's it.. sorry it had to end this way

No more of these for you.. squeeze... hahah

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