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The Beatnuts - Sandwiches lyrics

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"Get on down"


Yo this is the little lunatic youknowhatimsayin'?

Straight outta Buck Show fuck that.

[Psycho Les:]

It's like this y'all it's like this y'all

I woke up to the wall and took a piss y'all

Nigga pop the beat right up on the panel

When you see beyond your shit don't fuck with the channel

Or the antenna, slap a funky moranna

On the ass cock back my cock and blast

Boom I juice they love the one I produce for 'em

I floor 'em donkey styles ? nigga be sleepin' man

And they hoes go out if I catch the bitch alone (forget about)

Punk now what you gonna do sausage

When I take your bitch home and fuck her hard with my ostrich

Size dick bitch gets hypnotized quick

Then I flip her little ass like a side kick (word)

The names not Bond so come on and pass me the light

Or the hydro chron

Bust it

I make bitches make me sandwiches and scratch my ass when it itches

Very nice. Did you hear the rhyme?

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