The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Sandwiches (Extended) lyrics

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[Psycho Les]

Punk, what you gonna do now, sausage

When I strap you to the chair and fuck your bitch with my ostrich-

Size dick, bitch gets hypnotized quick

Then I flip her little ass like a side kick (Word)

The names not Bond, so come on and pass me the light

Or the hydro chron

Bust it, I make bitches make me sandwiches

And scratch my ass when it itches, scratch it


It's the funk freaker, not being the type who be bragging

Keep my belt loose in my ?jabobee? like Dragon

Keep a loaded clip in my sock, pack a glock

And I kick it with my niggas up the block

Lyrical monster still going for the jugular

Still ugly and I'm only getting ugular

Word up kid, I'm on another level

Way down low, smoking cheeba with the devil

Drunk as shit yo, my breath is mad stinking

The devil got sick but my ass kept drinking

So I slid, cause the nigga couldn't hang

Went up the block to go check my man

But really check your sister because I sorta missed her

I ain't hit it lately cause she said she had a blister

But now she's good and you know I'm going to hit her

Turn her around and let her have it in the shitter

[Psycho Les]

I'm snatching purses, chains, write graffiti on the trains

Disconnect the IV from my fucking veins

And escape, bootleggers don't sell my tape

Last nigga I caught, I left his ass in bad shape

Oh shit, who's that homegirl with the blunt?

Yo, your eyes crazy red, I know what you want

You want the demon in you, you say no one can skin you

Stop fronting bitch, and let me fucking bend you down

Just like a comma, word to your momma

Eat that pussy like a cherry

Check it out, uh


You know how it goes

We've been representing the funk since '84

Inhale, I smoke roaches with basketball coaches

And stick my dills in the chocas


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