The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Originate lyrics

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(feat. Large Professor)

[Greg Nice] (I originate)

[VERSE 1: Large Professor]

It started off one '89 morning

Prepared to bumrush this spot without warning

Dufflebagged up, we was there to conduct

Our bidness, clear it and never leave a eye witness

Barry White triplets, I'm grabbin em

Plus the Eddie Floyd Stax album in the back by the bathroom

Knowin all this shit no one knows

Way before radio played "Throw them bo's"

We was out there gettin em

Beats, plus spittin em

Bars, I'm Large, about the streets, I'm hittin em

Junkyard Psycho style

Keep them chickens from back there because they might go wild

Wants to get quick dose of this, try on ferocious

Blow and pow like 4th of July explosives

30 day notices gettin sent out

To all you greaseball rappers, this is world renowned

(I originate)

[VERSE 2: Psycho Les]

It's the originator

(Who got the funk?) Not the imitator

You just a french fry, I'm a hot potato

Big Psych, the drunken operator

Computer data broadcastin live from the buddha chamber

Future Flavas, so turn it up

Aiyo, that new Beatnuts shit is burnin up

Charts across the global, my vocal's

Like a yodel, Large Pro showed up

With three plates of soul food

Funk tracks, on point like thumb tacks

It's the raw, baby, bangin out of drum pads

Like oh, shorty asked me if I sniff blow

I told her hell no, I just puff 'dro

What's my muthafuckin name - Psycho

Junkyard and my nigga Large Pro

-fessor break it down like

(I originate)

[VERSE 3: JuJu]

It's Big Ju, I come through with the final component

Loaded and ready, just right for the moment

Serve it up raw, uncut and quite potent

Niggas still sleep with the do' and lights open

Me I dig deep, real deep in the earth

Find the right records, be freakin em first

Some say it's an addiction, some say it's a curse

I'm married to this beat shit for better or worse

I hustle till the work is gone

Go in the booth, get on the mic, go bezerk, it's on

Then whip up the perfect song

Cause really, if it ain't about the music then the shit's just wrong

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