The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - No Escapin' This (Alternate Vocal Version) lyrics

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(feat. Greg Nice)

No escaping this

[Greg Nice]

Oh, oh, oh! 2 G's mother, uh!

The Beatnuts y'all, uh!

Uh, oh, oh! JuJu, Psycho Les, uh, oh!

Turn it out oh, oh my god oh!

Oh, oh, it's the hardcore b-boy shit!

Uh, hard to the core muthafucka, no keyboard shit!

[Psycho Les]

Aiyo, I'm up in the club like ba-ba-ba-ba

Smokin on a blunt, sippin on some vodka

Shorties wanna talk, haters wanna cock-block

Talkin a lotta blah, blah, blah, blah

I make my way to the bar, snatch me up a bottle

By the end of the night I be leavin with a model

There's no escapin this, the rapist is back

On the j-o-b, and I'm still down with O.P.P.

You gon' slowly see how we conquer this rap game

You violate, my pupils dilate

You got a problem with my peoples, dial 1-8-

-00, Psycho Les stay blunted, America's Most

It's the lunatic, straight from a padded cell

We play volley blunts, don't wait for us to pass the l

Nigga, stop feelin yourself and feel these Nuts

Cause "No one's ready to deal with us"


Yo, we back, aren't you happy we came?

All you muthafuckas soundin the same

You're pathetic and your music is lame

Get a little style, try and grow up

Stick your finger in your mouth, throw up

Take a breather, rich, but I would hate to be ya

That's why I never pass you cheeba

Or let you fuck my bitches neither

We hip-hop in the essence

Grant it alone, the mere presence

Put fear in your heart

You're scared cause you never had a ear for the art

Robbin people for they 15 bucks

Bad enough bein 16 sucks

Where all my shorties with the double-d cups?

With the thongs and the platinum butts?

Junkyard, baby, show me your tits

Got a cock that'll blow you to bits

On the real, I'm as good as it gets

Why you people even playin with us?

You know "No one's ready to deal with us"

(No escaping this)

"No one..."

(No escaping this)

(No escaping this)

"No one..."

(No escaping this)

(No escaping this)

"No one..."

(No escaping this)

"No one's ready to deal with us"

[Psycho Les]

Beatnuts is for the peoples like Democrats

Y'all cats is see-through with those demo tracks

Got you pullin your wig off, you don't understand, bro

Can't believe Billboard Beatnuts plateau


Listen, it's useless, don't even ask

Bein a Nut is a difficult task

You better off with a gun and a mask

Whoever said we was friendly and shit?

I'm nice at makin enemies quit

Get out my face, yo

[Psycho Les]

Aiyo, it's Big Psych, every chick like to pit fight

They wanna be my hookers cause I'm the pimp type

You, you know my rank, sonny, top gun

You, you ain't nothin but a old rusty shotgun


You couldn't bust a grape in a food fight

Your whole crew is too light

The Demon talk whenever Ju writes

Stop playin, money, feel these Nuts

Cause "No one's ready to deal with us"

[Psycho Les]

We got the VIP on lock, let the bottles pop-pop

Ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba

You know we hip-hop 24-7 non-stop

Ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba


We got the ecstacy that all the girls wanna pop

Ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba

Where my niggas on the block shootin back at the cops?

Like "No one's ready to deal with us"

(No escaping this)

[Greg Nice]

Oh, no! Turn it out oh!

Oh my God oh! Turn it out oh! [x4]

What the hell is going on?

(No escaping this)

[female voice]

...motherfuckers, they got me in cage!

Let me out!

Let me out now!

[male voice]

Come here, sissy, I'm takin you hostage

[female voice]

They're gonna come for me motherfuckers

[Psycho Les]

Corona in the house

[female voice]

Let me out this damn cage!

[Psycho Les]

Throw your hands up

[ JuJu ]

Throw your hands up

There's no escaping this

[Greg Nice]

JuJu rockin on, rockin on

Psycho Les rockin on, rockin on...


Psych, break that 50 bag out

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