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The Beatnuts - Niggas Know lyrics

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Niggas know (x3)

Psycho Les:

To fiends my product be their drug

when they see me they give me a pound and a bear hug

Solute and bud, never sober

nigga Ju scooped me up (in what?) in the black Nova

When we link up, we throw shots, drink up

we conversate in the background bangin'

Is a funky break, with my arm hangin'

middle finer to State Troop and leave them behind me

Going 90 down the express way, fuck Carlito

gonna do it the Big Ju and Les way

Beatnuts, got a plan that's brilliant

gonna blow up the safe that holds up our building


Yo here's the keys son, money and power they sanonymous

So I'm a take mine and form a fortune that be bottomless

Yo never shot a miss, to lose is our the question

Your life could be taken as quick as a suggestion

Killing is deep, well lavishly orchestrated, I hate it

Stated, that I'm never be forgotten

And you still couldn't find an MC that's more rotten


Strategicly we maintain in all reality

Live with the guns to cover all the technicalitites

And crush the falises taht frontin' is legit cause

(real niggas don't talk shit) (X2)

Psycho Les:

Yo dun, there's money to swipe, the juice come thicker

Then Sunny Delight, and my leather black seat reclines

so I can spin around; Pull down the blinds, crack open the wines

my click holds serious faces

And only crack smiles when I pull the briefcases

Out the closet, in the middle of the process, even if I know you

You get shot for spreading gossip

To niggas I don't associate with, if I don't blast your head off

I'll simply break it

Aluminum batted, melon splattered, so unique

now who the FUCK wanna critique


Yeah it's lovely, yeah man it's lovely indeed (it is lovely)

Bubbly off the Heiny and weed, you can't live

You be lucky if I let you breath

If it ain't about profit nigga I can't see

try not to blow my high with conversation

Conflict my lead to many assassinations

Blunted in a black Sudan with two Hatians (watching)

While the D's hemmed up these Jamacains, thinkin'

How we gonna carry your ass, and where the FUCK niggas

gonna bury your ass; See it's over

I could never let that go, say who gotta let niggas know?

Bitch nigga

Hook (x2)

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