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The Beatnuts - Look Around lyrics

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(feat. Cheryl 'Pepsi' Riley, Dead Prez)

[Riley singing]


Beatnuts, dead prez


Everytime I look around, I see so much drama goin down

Everytime I look around, I see so much fakeness goin down


Why I'ma, be stingy when I can share

Why I'ma, be hateful if I could care

Why would I hate my own, and forsake my home

Why would I fuck around and get a jake my chrome

I wouldn't have to stick you if we all could eat

It wouldn't be no need for beef, dyin over streets

We don't even own anyway, you could get bucked off any day

We behind enemy lines, y'all still writin Henessy rhymes

While I'm tryin to get a good price for a nine

Feel like my life on the line

That's why a nigga be hype all the time

Ready for the revolution at the drop of a dime


I got a duty to have security for my niggas

My duty to serve the beautiful black sisters

A duty tom stand wit anybody that's wit us

And fully criticize all bullshitters

There should be awards presented, to niggas who fight back

Like Panther jackets, or sisters who like gats

I'm a full blooded warrior, ready for change

Recognize any soldier that's doin the same

Because I love who I am, and that means everything to me

My life aint worth a damn unless I'm dealin with reality

When I look myself in the eyes it's just me

And I aint gotta tell nobody no lies I feel free

And I would rather deal with the truth than falsehood

Than bein fake with my people and claimin it's all good

You can't run away from yourself so that's useless

If your word is bond then you don't have to make excuses



Yo as I sit and contemplate about the fate of my kids

If I die is the state gon snatch up my kids?

City life, no choice but to live by the knife

Put food on the table at whatever the price

My beautiful wife, all the time cookin precise

When there aint no meat, she bless me with the eggs and the rice

Never think twice, I love you for the rest of my life

That's why I taught you how to shoot when situations get trife

Save the children from the evil that we smell in the air

Used to bein happy, now the feelin is rare

I'ma soldier in the struggle just tryin to prepare

Cuz when the revolution comes it aint gon be fair

[Psycho Les]

Yo it's the Beatnuts, dead prez, we connect like Tetris

How we comin at the world on some Malcolm X shit

So turn it up, so we can drop these gems quick

If you on some bullshit, then nigga hit the exit

There's enough cash, grass, and ass here for you and me

You wanna be greedy, sayin fuck the community

Watch out cuz life's gonna change very soon you see

I really don't believe we could ever have unity

This shit is serious we all tryin to have a milli stash

But love life cuz that's all a nigga really has

Love your fam, cuz that's all you really have

And handle your biz and stop bein a silly ass

Ayo it's gettin, gettin, it's gettin, gettin it's gettin kinda hectic

Slugs burn, so naturally thugs learn to stay vested

You need to learn a Psycho Les-son

And treat others the same way you wanna be respected, because...


Live together

Feed each other (feed each other)

Die together (die together)

Love each other (love each other)

Eat together (eat together)

Show each other (show each other)

Fight together (fight together)

Know each other (know each other)




Bring the power back to the streets, where the people live

Bring the power back to the streets, where the people live

Brother, brother, there's too many of you dying

War is not the answer

Too many mothers crying, oh this is a revolution, yeah yeah yeah

[Scratching & Singing until the end]

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