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The Beatnuts - Let Off A Couple II lyrics

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(feat. A.L., Rawcotiks)

[cut up]

[Psycho Les] (Let off a couple)


I'm into stackin papers, I'm smackin fakers if they rappin haters

I'm jackin bakers takin dough plus I'm crackin acres

My throughts are intricate, magnificient, significant

Infinite spittin it on behalf of those are innocent

My tongue's a instrument, makin my larynx a clarinet

Never to fumble or stumble, stayin away from arrogance

The mic's a sacrament, I bring to life while you surrogate

Lyrics are holy, I write this poetry in arabics

So let's get head up, dead up, step up and you get wet up

Up in a set up, you bleed for real, forget the ketchup

And you can tell I'm proper, rap the planet while you sellin copper

You cross my path I have you hangin from a helicopter

Step in my world but I ain't down with hittin Blondie

Livin with zombies got me starvin hungry like if I was Ghandi

You try to set it, yo, I regret it, I'm fly poetic

You die pathetic cause you sweeter than a diabetic

Lyric historian, crown valet victorian

Rap in memoriam, been doin it since the auditorium

Visionary, missionary, you get the picture scary

Squish you like berries, have your name in the obituary

[Psycho Les]

We got no feelings for ya

We're breakin hearts, choppin breaks apart

Technically we grab you with the state of art

Let it start, pause your camcorder

I fear we slam harder with this lyrical manslaughter


Hey yo, I stay hustlin, bustin, I'm disgustin

Only got a few friends and I don't even trust them

Those cats who wanna see power I'm gonna crush em

Affiliated, got all the work flowin through custom

Frankly, better make your mark and enforce it

Look at me, the end of my sleeves remain frosted

I lost it, took the ball and ran when they tossed it

Blind shit, not even care how much it costed


[?] undercover and judges, druggin is rugged

Jailtime walks in expensive halls

Fast calls, killers and mad weight for high stakes

Snitches behind gates will become shark bait

Train pitch, you on my hit list, public enemy, different identity

A chameleon towards civiliance

Warfare political government affairs

A madman who declares a share

A piece of the action, a percent, yo, you gotta pay rent

Or catch dent and facial gat imprints

Man, even our señoritas be carryin heaters

Now how you gon' beat us or delete us

You bunch of half-way achievers

By [?] appartment leases the dough increases

Out of this world contact just like [?]

See, we keep pieces strapped on the waistline

But too many jokers in the world of crime so now I keep mine

And the sh... never mind, forget that

Don't even sweat that

Let me get upon this track and let the world relax

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