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The Beatnuts - Fluid lyrics

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[Psycho Les]

I take a stick of dynamite and put it to my mouth

Light it up, then I blast off like Alf

I be off (off) into another world

Got no time to be strapped to a freaking girl

?Blood stones? I pop, let 'em fizz out on top

On my lizard tounge like a donk with the zert

I hung to the like break of dawn

Six-packs for the 'Nuts leave the baker


I want to get wrapped in the sheets so I can sleep or sleepwalk

Mumble when I speak, but when I freak I speak talk

Get married to Juana, dip for my oink

Always on point to bumrush my joint

See the party can't last with the glass on the vineyard

So I put some yellow liquid and some dump on the menu

One two, to the like one two, my vision's hazy

Don't test me now, this paper's got me crazy


Ayo you be buggin' off the styles I be freaking

Dusted, keep you in a daze when I'm speaking

Stutter to be butter, but if you want I make it milky

A twenty bag of chocolate and a blunt, is you with me? (Yeah!)

Blowing smoke like a dragon, my mouth is dry and my eyes is sagging

So I flew, cause I felt I could do it

Do a dog, 40 ounce and fluid

And fluid, and fluid

Puff a cloud and drink the fluid

Puff here, puff there

World famous Beatnuts puff everywhere!


Stimulation, feel the junkie sensation

It keeps the funk in rotation

Sluggards you're moving slow

Take a hit and act like you know

Now I'm open for business, call a hon with the quickness

To get some physical fitness on

Gettin' that all night long

Intoxicated Demons in the house, I'm gone


It's like a blast to my brain when I trip

Those lights and the sights at night make me flip

And then I want to slip to the magic kingdom

Some bitches in the stable, [lyrics played backwards] raid 'em

Cause I can make a movie with a sis or a buddy

And I'm a eat the cake no matter if it's chubby

Run up the line, double time, I'm ready

And I'm a get your gas chick like my name was Geddy

[Psycho Les]

Girl, want to pull a cloud?

Pass it around the crowd when the music's loud

Can't talk, you don't want to see me walk

Great minds as I fail in front of the park

I don't know what's going on

I feel upside down like a Pharcyde song

See keeps on buzzing me

When I'm through it, puffing and swimming in fluid

And fluid, and fluid

Puff a cloud and drink the fluid

Puff here, puff there

World famous Beatnuts puff everywhere

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