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The Beatnuts - Find That lyrics

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Psycho Les:

Step in my pride again balloons you're swallowin'

Importin' it transportin' it

Through metal detectors no one's followin'

Coast is clear from the east coast to South America, MEDELLIN

Known for doin dirt but my tracks clean

As I whistle you get hit by a missle

While you're eatin' dinner tryin' to reach for your pistol

You's a beginner, at this

You need practice

My label put doe on the table

For me to whack kids

I whack 'em body bag 'em trunk 'em

Daily routine my product bring new fiends

From new areas my tunes start spreadin' like bacterias

Yo fuck rubber glovin' it my peeps is lovin' it

Niggas is tapin' it uh dubbin' it

I give it to you raw out the speaker

While you indoors like a fuckin' house keeper

Dustin' I be outdoors hustlin'

Track gamblin' scrabbalin' my doses like eggs

Niggas don't pay (what you do?) I brake legs

Snap necks shoot off techs do like the IRS

And reposes your fuckin' Lex


Yo where the fuck my car? (Ah man you don't understand)

What?! (T.N.T. rolled up) What? Aahhh I'm out.


Undoubtedly techniques shine through let it be known

Mics torchin' MC's who intersect my zone

It's the beer drinkin' cuban linkin' money thinker

Lethal joy ride homicide body sticker

Muder when I slip into hysteria mode

As I rise to terrorize every area code

Junkyard like a crook in the night

I want mines I take mines dressed in black holdin' the mic

Now give me my loot and no stories

Excuses just bore me so nigga don't try to reassure me

Here's the plan you need to have my money on hand

If you don't then you gon die where you stand

Surprise I'm never lettin' shit slide by

Nigga either you gon come correct or you die

So if you owe me money better find that shit

Cause nigga will die quick behind that shit


If you owe me money better find that shit

Cause niggas will die quick behind that shit


It's the hard little pistol packin'

Money stackin' super down low never know

Honey mackin'

Scared, never catchin' cases yo whatever

Cleverly we keepin' the block sewn together

React like a cat always elude danger

Cause I ain't never sold no drugs to no stranger

The rearranger of beats and baselines

It's hardcore keepin' it raw e'ry time

Psycho Les:

NYPD lookin' for me knockin' at 1G

Nobody home ask my neighbor nobody know

Where I'm at where I be what I'm doin'

How I'm livin' limo drivin' women screwin'

Up my stack comin' short I ain't havin' it

See that fat link on your neck? I'm grabbin' it

The clocks tickin' and I'm a time that shit

You got 24 hours to find that shit

If you owe money better find that shit

Cause bitches is dyin' TOO behind that shit


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