The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Engineer Talking Shit lyrics

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Those fucking Beatnuts (Beatnut guys? Shit)

You know.. Jack, I've been telling you man

these guys they don't fuckin know shit about rappers

I don't understand (You know what I'm talkin about now you hear me?)

They're walkin around all talkin shit like they're some big ass niggaz

(Maaaan) They're not even fuckin, they're not even niggaz!

What are you talkin about, they're fuckin spics! (They ain't shit)

They got no kind of beat, they never understand the shit (no soul)

They try to do rhymes rhymes and rhymes, shit I can do rhymes

Fuck that, they don't know what the fuck they're doin (wastin money)

They're drinkin drunk motherfuckers all over the place

Fuckin here there everywhere (never show up)

Never show up! Some kind of attitude (late all the time)

man comin up with that shit, shit, whoda thought man

They get a fuckin deal, I don't know (they don't deserve shit)

"What did you say?" (I said they don't deserve shit)

"Throw this man into the dungeon."

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