The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Beatnuts Forever - feat. Triple Seis and Marlon &q lyrics

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Psycho Les.. JuJu!


East to West, even if you wearin a vest

They gon' find you with a crowbar dug in your chest

Look at the best, still only second or less

And even he said he don't want it with me, figure the rest

Bigger distress, whole crew avoidin the rest

You know the name of my click, nigga it start wit a tres

dog that'll reload and bark with the best

Dark with a cold heart spittin darts through your flesh

[Psycho Les]

You know the street code, stash the kilo

Jump on a speedboat, blowin weed smoke

Countin G notes, I made off the Chino's

But this one Chino wanna play Pacino

So he standin in front of me lookin stupid like a moron

Crept up on him (CREW) caught him with the forearm

Called up Big Ju, M.A. nigga, the war's on

(Fuckin with this bitch dog, let me put my drawers on)

Chorus: Beatnuts (repeat 2X)

Got my eyes on cheddar, as I strive to live live and better

Cause all the shine will be mine forever

So it's now or never, we get down whatever

Four-pounds and leather, Beatnuts'll let off rounds forever


Bite your face off, pull your heart out, flood it with steak sauce

Chop you up, til there's no limbs for me to break off

Kick your stupid ass it's just tragic nigga and take off

Go kill everybody at work and take the day off

[Psycho Les]

And pay you a visit

And knock your door down, strongman with the four-pound

Put the joint in your mouth and push your jaw down

(Oh) You ready for war now, lacin your hightops?

Doma, one in the head, now who's the cyclops?


No peace, niggaz want beef, you know we love it

Champagne under the arm, gun in the bucket

Never seen it comin like that, you had a chance Pah

Now you like, "Oh shit!" +Blood's on the Dancefloor+

[Psycho Les]

Corona Queens, where half of my crew be at

You didn't expect this booby trap cause I'm such a groovy cat

If you my dog then I got you with a Scooby Snack

If you a ?, fakin a movie jack?


I let the mac off, finish the act with the hats on

The plan is you vanish, like you standin on a trapdoor

I'm back for what is rightfully mine

I spitefully rhyme, every word a trifle design



Yo it's the livest nigga you ever heard, that's my word

like a demon spittin Hell at thirty-three and a third

You wanna do it with Ju, you gotta find me

And if you do FAGGOT, better sneak up behind me

See that's the only way that you gon' get me

And if you wet me I'ma turn around and laugh so you never forget me

To my double-gat niggaz who talk shit and bubble crack

This year, y'all niggaz gon' hear me on a couple tracks

[Psycho Les]

Spittin like a thirty-eight caliber

Any challenger? One stands up, get handcuffed, to the banister

Beat down your manager, now leave with my dough

You can't be mad at the, hustler from the Queens borough

It's Big Psych', we can go at it, like a pit fit

Everything I spit tight, go out after midnight

Like a vampire, call me your messiah

"To burn my kingdom, you must use fire"

What, who the best nigga?


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