The Beatnuts

The Beatnuts - Back 2 Back lyrics

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[Psycho Les]




Put your drinks up

Put your drinks up

Put your drinks up

Put your drinks up

Let the beat go

Come on

Put your l's up

Come on


Say what

Big Psych, nigga

What's your name?

[VERSE 1: Psycho Les]

Call me Les Dibiase, I'm Psycho like a Nazi

Playin with a hottie while you home playin Yazzy

Camilo on the 1's and 2's movin the party

That's when the waitress brought a Kamikaze

I was like, "No! Pass the Courvoisi"

10 minutes later cerveza under the meza

She was horny for the pony, so I had to bless her

I shot sperm in her perm, I don't have to tell you

I was like, "May the power of Psych compel you"

I'm stone crazier than any nigga from Bellview

I know you see my monster truck in your rear view

Musically I'ma always be the shit

I'm not only the producer, I'm the nigga that spit


We keep diggin in the crates (back to back)

Hittin state after state (back to back)

We keep rippin these shows (back to back)

We keep spittin these flows (back to back)

Coppin drug after drug (back to back)

Rockin club after club (back to back)

Five million dollar cribs (back to back)

And all we do is make hits (back to back)

[VERSE 2: Psycho Les]

Hip-hop cats, they know I'm the nutty one

They don't wanna buy tracks, they just wanna study them

Pull you out the hat like (Hey!) you the lucky one

Everything classical, fuck the money, son

I got this bad chick uptown, she's my slutty hon

Even on her period we can still have some bloody fun

Nuts is back, so spread the rumor

Rock this in your set and be a happy consumer

Perfect for a bus or a train commuter

(D-d-)download if you in front of a computer

Spark the buddha, "Get out the way bitch," like Luda

Pull up to Wet Willy's on a scooter

Who the - fuck wan test Psych Les, QU's finest

Once the king puts his thing in the nappy

You gon' be like the prince and sing when you're happy

Beatnuts y'all

Beatnuts y'all

Beatnuts y'all



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