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[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]

The party people love it when we take the stand

With possessions of the mics in our hands

'Cause when we rock a party we'll rock it forever

We'll give you our best to make you dance better

The freshest rhymes you know we'll say

We'll have you all stunned and in a daze

We're qualified and certified

To rock this party, so come alive!

And we're here to be known and we're known to be

[Fresh Kid Ice]

As the Fresh Kid Ice

[Brother Marquis]

And the Brother Marquis

And we're together forever, lookin' out for one another

[Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis]

Stayin' thicker than thick than peanut butter!

[Brother Marquis]

But don't forget our DJ, with all the skill

Go off, Mr. Mixx

[Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis]


[Mixx cuts "We will, we will rock you!"]

[Verse 2: [Brother Marquis]]

You can analyze and study me until a break-through

A discovery will be made like the scientists do

What will be discovered and finally uncovered

Will be none other than Marquis, your brother

There will be no difficulty; all your problems will be solved

You'll become motivated, so get involved!

My introduction has a body and a conclusion

I hope you understand so there is no confusion

Just follow the directions of the daily lesson

While me, the professor, is professin'

To the simplest form I'll keep my rhymes in perspective

So, Kid Ice, take the mic and give the people some directive!

[Fresh Kid Ice]

Rhymes are something you must comprehend

And every time that I rhyme I will always ascend

Two levels, just like no man before me

My skills and talents I will prove to thee

That Kid Ice uses lyrics as believin' in rhyme

And in every rhyme, I will show you a sign

Of the times where my music is growin'

And the power of my fans will be showin'

In everything that I say and everything that I do

And to the people, I'll always be true

So step off the stage, give us the mike

So we can rock the people the way you would like

[Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis]

'Cause we're the two MC's with all the skill

We're down by law, and we know the deal

There's only one thing we do, and we do it right

And that's rockin' party people with these here mics!

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