THE 2 LIVE CREW - So Funky

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So funky!



[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]

I'm Nasty As I Wanna Be

I express myself so vulgarly

Obscene, or whatever you wanna call it

That's why some suckas wanna stall it

Some people worry about the wrong thing

But why worry about what we're sayin'?

'Cause we're gonna do what we wanna do,

And if y'all don't like it, well then fuck you too!

People don't know unless you tell them so

But it was cool when we were just in the ghetto

We did ask you to publicize us,

But it was you who created the fuss

And blew the whole thing out of proportion

You should worry about your topics like abortion

So I fiend for the funk like a dope-fiend junky

Fuck you all, and let us get So Funky!

[Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice]

Singin' this song, movin' along

Provin' to the suckas that I keep gettin'

Stronger than what ya been hearin'

Kid Ice is on the set, so suckas stop sweatin'

I kick it funky to show my courage

When schoolin' others, I kick the knowledge

For those who hate me, I pray you'll miss me

If you find out you had dissed me

I'll treat you like a child and smack ya head

Feed you dick, put you to bed

Look you in the eye and know you're fessin'

Make you take notes of the lesson

The rhythm is something I cannot hide

A feelin' that I feel, deep inside

So talk about me while I make my money

Kid Ice is known to be So Funky!

[Verse 3: Brother Marquis]

Some say I'm crazy and I got problems

An evaluation might help solve 'em

The funky-mack-nasty, filthy-mack-funky

Stankin' (?), the wino junkyMentally scarred, always barred

Slightly deranged, a half-way retard

Goin' off insanely, tryin' to retain me

Tried to capture my rapture, but couldn't contain me

I put 'em in shambles, makin' examples

'Cause once I get started, I'm hard to handle

You can't keep me back, you can't forget that

I heard the chit-chat; you said that I'm wack

But anyway, that's okay

I try not to hear what the niggas say

So I just fiend for the funk like a dope-fiend junky

Excuse me y'all, and let me get So Funky!

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