THE 2 LIVE CREW - Shake a Lil' Somethin'

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"OK man, are you ready to go?"

"I'm ready to go, now c'mon now, crank this motherfucker up"

[Mr. Mixx]



[Brother Marquis]

All you raggedy-ass hoes, GET Y'ASS OUUUUT!

[Chorus 2x:] [Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis]

Pump, pump, pump, get it, get it

Shake, shake, shake, shake a lil' somethin'

That's the way


That's the way

You go girl!

[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]

Bitch, I wanna see you shake it

Bend on over, butt-ass naked

Now pump pump pump, get it get it

I got 135 beats a minute

It's your brother, Marquis, callin' all the freaks

To show the pink and the booty-cheeks

Stick from the bottom, stick from the top

Show me a shot, lemme see what you got

Rub that ass and play with that clit

I'm still with that freaky shit

One time for the girls in Georgia,

Detroit, Michigan and Miami, Florida

That's how we make our music fast

'Cause the girls down South like to shake that ass!

They so fine, I can't take it

They gots to freak it, they gots to shake it


[Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice]

I love the way the girls be shakin'

Especially when they butt-ass naked

Bend on over, show me what you got

'Cause I'm down for a table-top

So work your body, strip left side

Make me smile, get buck-wild

'Cause Fresh Kid Ice got the flow

And now is the time to come get yours

Freaky shit is what I like,

Especially when them bitches dykes

So shake that ass, and bitch, don't stop

Come on, girl, just make me hot

'Cause I'm down for the 69

You better get yours 'cause I gets mine

Show what you got; bitch, stop frontin'

Drop them draws and shake a lil' somethin'!


[Verse 3: Brother Marquis]

I love to see 'em in lingerie

Tattooed titties and a Boosty-A

Stacked on the back of a cutie pie

Bend over, let me see you do the butterfly

So impressin' when undressin

'You got me stressin', bitch, stop flexin'

Keep shakin' that ass at me

Pop that coochie, freak so nasty

Double up on the table top

Hit them switches now make that ass drop

Girl, get wide open

Up and down with an in-and-out motion

Them other kings, they ain't did nothin'

You wanna get freaky? Lemme kiss your belly button

You're so fine, I can't take it

You gots to freak it, you gots to shake it!


[Mr. Mixx]

To the left...

[Brother Marquis]

Yeahhhhh! Get it get it!

[Mr. MixM]

To the right y'all!

[Brother Marquis]

C'mon now, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump ...

[Mr. Mixx]

To the front ...

[Brother Marquis]

Heyyyy! Get it, get it!

[Mr. Mixx]

To the back y'all!

Make time!

[Brother Marquis]

Pump, pump, pump, get it, get it!


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