THE 2 LIVE CREW - Ghetto Bass II

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[Mr. Mixx]

Ghetto Style Dee-Jays!

Don't touch that stereo!



[Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice]

What's up, party people, we're back again

Bringin' you the message from some of our friends

They're the funkiest crew from the heart of the city

When the amps are on, they'll take no pity

'Cause Ghetto has the style that has the girls jockin'

When you talk about the system, all you say is "Rockin'!

"Others hear the name, then scream out loud

'Cause they are known to move the crowd

When you hear the sound, they'll stop and wonder

Then gaze upon the speaker, the wall of thunder

Standin' on the ground, 3 stories high

The deepest bass and the real fresh high

So step off your throne; they're on the loose

The DJ's from Miami with all the juice

So consider yourself warned; they're back on the case:

It's Luke Skyywalker and the Ghetto Style Bass!


Get up

[Verse 2: Brother Marquis]

To some, "Ghetto" is a name; to others a tradition

In the city of boom, ther can never be an addition

Of any of the DJ's to rock the land

Like the ones from the city and the boys from Pac-Jam

Handsome Harry, you know the brother was strong

He ain't dared any man to get him wrong

L.A. Jay, this young brother doesn't play

He'll strong-arm any sucker who gets in his way

Baby Ced, Liberty City born and bred

Always known for the knowledge and sense of the head

Disco Gene, he's reunited with the team

He was gone for a while, but back in the swing of things

Amazing Chico, a king to his trade

Known as Bernie B. on 9-1-7 Bass

And G.I. Joe, who has the girls by the row

He always gets cased 'cause his game is gettin' slow

And last but not least, marvelous J.P.,

And we can't forget Cisco - we're glad you are free

So one day to your kids you will tell the story

Of how the Ghetto Style DJ's achieved their glory!



Look out everybody, 'cause they're in the place,#

It's Luke Skyywalker and the Ghetto Bass!

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