THE 2 LIVE CREW - Break it on Down lyrics

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[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]

Now let me break it on down and tell the story

When they say "2 Live," your mama gets worried

When they speak of us, the negative get mentioned

But we don't care; thanks for your attention

An underground sound, talkin' shit off the street

That Ghetto Style with a hard-ass beat

Our explicit lyrics tells it like it is

If you don't like what I'm saying, get the fuck outta here!

Luke Skyywalker, the man, not a myth

The king of the ghetto, down with the clique

As he gets mixin' he don't like attention;

He just likes to hear crowd participation

Pumpin' up the people, makin' them one crowd All in one motion, screamin' out loud

Together as one in every townSlash' em on up, Luke!

"Break it on down!"

[Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice]

The definition of a good DJ

Is one who rocks the beat so the rhymes I say,

To get the party jumpin',is how I get paid

Benefits of a hit is when I get laid

Mr. Mixx is the one to get things goin'

So the rhymes we say will always be flowin'

Maximizin' the effect of our vocals

Whether nationwide or even local

His cuts and scratches taken to the extreme

Can only be matched in another's dreams

Doin' things with his body that couldn't be done

Rockin' the masses all for fun

He's always needed after every show

The Treach DJ, the only one you should know

Step to the Mixx and get the crowd off the ground

Come on, Mr. Mixx, and "Break it on down!"

[Verse 3: Brother Marquis]

If you ask me to rap, rap for you I'll do so

I'm the type of nigga that'll break it down slow

I rhyme like an artist, such as DaVinci

Like the Mona Lisa, I'm a sight to see

This is not a tale and I'm not a character

Just a kind of MC who loves to harass ya

Out my dome, I'll start thinkin'

Get so funky 'til I start stinkin'

I don't think slow when it comes to rhymes

When times create, I shift to overdrive

Now all the competition, they're my last worries

I'll take 'em out quick, fast and in a hurry

Now I can go the distance, I can go the length

It's not the weak, because it's all in the strength

You don't know? You mean you ain't heard?

Yours truly, Marquis, can "Break it on down!"

We'll make you feel the beat

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