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The 1975 - Loving Someone lyrics

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Yeah, ya should be luvin' someone

Oh, oh, luvin' someone

Yeah, ya should be luvin' someone

Oh, oh, luvin' someone

Yeah, ya should be


My heart is tellin' me the telly isn't tellin' me anythin'

I need but it needs to keep ya sellin' me

Besides celebrities lackin' in integrity

Holdin' up the status quo instead of showin' yo kids

That they matter, who're ya gonna buy up next

Keep hold of their necks and keep sellin' them sex

It’s betta if we keep them perplexed

It's betta if we make them want the opposite sex

And this drives drunk through criminal minds

And ya camp out beside where yo man resides

You're not slow, it's just neva been shown

That ya should


(Verse 2)

We're all human, we're just like ya man

We're sentient, we're somethin'

Ya know I can't really remember, whateva

We shouldn't have people afloat

If it was safer underground, we wouldn't be on a boat

Shot of telepathy, exploitin' insecurities and preyin' on the purity

Of grief and it's simplicity but I know that maybe I'm too scared to call

Even Guy Debord needed spectacles, ya see

I'm the Greek economy of cashin' intellectual cheques

And now I'm tryin' to progress, but instead of sellin' sex

And I think I should be


(Interlude: spoken)

I am foreva alongside the boys in jumpers on bikes

With scarves and cars with autumn leaves

Fallin' in spirals across the mid afternoon

Which plays the battle culturally

Which is not goin' to exist on a simple interface

When they feel and miss when ____(?) tested

Individuals who understand the human condition

Then they understand the duality of our own reality

Livin' life and treatin' it as such

There's a certain disconnect

Withe the culture that controls the artist with comfort and abandon

Between the spires and the mornin' boozer that likes

Sittin' in that orange English light

At certain points, English shadow

Peerin' off the side of ____(?)


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