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Teyana Taylor - Who's Gonna Make It Home lyrics

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Ft. Iman Shumpert

(Intro: Iman Shumpert)

Uh, we ain't been to sleep

If u ain't come to dance, u offendin' me

Don't worry about ur girls, I got friend with me

Let me isolate u and get u into me

Girl, lipstick on a red cup

Cornballs got u fed up

Huh, u could pop it with ur leg up

Me and u could tear a bed up

(Verse: Teyana Taylor)

I caught u lookin' at my body, boy it's on tonight

Feelin' it, the vibe is crazy in this party, just turned off the lights

(Pre-Chorus: Teyana Taylor)

Baby cos' all I want to do is just wind it slow on u

And I don't care if we don't make it home

We can go on and on and on


Baby won't u come and party

(Who's goin' to make it home tonight)

We can do it

(Who's goin' to make it home tonight)

Baby it's the weekend

(Who's goin' to make it home tonight, tonight

Who's goin' to make it home tonight)

(Verse 2: Teyana Taylor)

All I want to do is share the night with u

I hope it's cool so we can make it all night

We can make it all night

And boy I'm feelin' u, I hope you're feelin' me too

I hope you're in the mood, so we can get it tonight

We can get it tonight



(Bridge: Teyana Taylor)

Shawty swing my way, y'all look good to me, me

Now would u please swing my way

Shawty swing my way

(Verse 3: both)

Well baby this is what it feel like in real life

I reach vibes out the window cos' it feels right

Late night, all the essentials on the night stand

If I'm payin' for the mornin', got to hit it when the flight land

Yeah, what it's like to be perfect

You're worth me workin' nine till five

It's ninety five and I'm shirtless, baby just work it

Pretty brown brown like the filth me and the homies just purchased

(Cos' u got a rise, so tell me is u down to ride?)

Baby u got it, ur eyes glued to my body

Like a couple of wallets is stuck to ur back pockets

(Cos' u got a rise, and I really want to make u mine)

So come with me, cos' that's gon' be

Your every medium if me and u in between the sheets


Now would u please swing my way

Shawty swing my way

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