TERMANOLOGY - Welcome To The Machine Remix lyrics

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"You've been in the pipeline

Filling in time

Provided with toys and scouting for boys

You brought a guitar to punish your ma

You didn't like school

And you know you're nobody's fool"

"Welcome to the machine"

Ayo, Tommy ain't my motherfuckin' Boy

When you take food from a rapper you employ

Now you gotta hustle, baggin' up the boy

And it's No Limit to the lives he destroy

John Forte say nay to the ye

Not Kanye, but the ye that you take

When you stressed out cause your girl ain't a Virgin

She a Capitol B, hotter than a furnish

Got that guy coldest, I hope you got insurance

She electrified you, now she got you nervous

Seen what it did to Pac, this rap game

She a dirty ho, did B.I.G. the same

TLC, Tony Braxton and them

Aces a record and you never see none

Millionaire dreams, but a dream you become

When you, when you, when when you see the machine run, run, run

Yo it's thugs behind the music

But fuck that, when you cover behind the music

It ain't no love behind the music

Niggas shed blood behind the music

I start to feel the tension and grudge behind the music

The shit changed, it's all fucked up behind the music

It's new cats with big ass guns behind the music

Damn, it really ain't what it was behind the music

But we aight, we gonna do us behind the music

Got me feelin' like Biggie, coming out the club pissy drunk

Hopping inside of the passenger seat

Before that car pulled up and started blastin' the heat

We was just in the hood slingin' crack in the street

With the slim homie O.G.

Crack the hatch on the Hatchback, sounds thumpin'

Had the whole hood bumpin'

Talkin' about how we gonna back outta this bitch

Get the money, that's it, stick to the script

And I watched the homie get that, but soon as a nigga get that

Here come the goons, trying to push your shit back

But not me, this time it's the other way around

Now it's me behind the machine gunnin' your ass down

You're all welcome

"Hi, I am your CEO, I am your friend"

It's funny how these rappers be thinking they're so hot

But they have no guap, they're my little robots

I am mister machine, you and I will make a team

And we will get ourselfs, I mean myself alot of cream

I'll get of anything, you'll be making me dumb funds

In other words I'll be porking you in your bum bum

You wanna get up out that ghetto that you come from

Well make a decision, and don't make it a dumb one

Think big, compromise your integrity

And I promise one day you'll become a celebrity

Trust me, I will never cross you like the letter "T"

Now do everything I tell you, and just let it be

I'll get you features and production from the bigshots

And you will forever in debt if your shit flops

Commercialized, don't try and save hip-hop

Matter fact, why don't you try something like Big Pop

Or Jay-Z, all the records fly up off the shelf

Just make sure that you sound like anybody, but yourself

It's just the nature of the buisness, don't be mad at it

Now a make hit before I drop you like a bad habbit

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