TERMANOLOGY - Uncut lyrics

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I don’t care what they say I’m in the ..rappers of all time

BIG, the homie big Al .. Eminem, Rock .. Minaj and Jay Z

Pull me on a track .. you want a feature

Coming for the .. and bread like little .. and the queen like Latifa

Holding it down in the law of my peoples

.. creatures .. my cousins got a ..

Holding em down get em .. from the fan

It’s hard living this rap life but in the ..is much worser

Make you wanna go ... and go and judge ..living this controversial

Life style rappers go do ...

Is so cold more liquor, more .. more hood, more ..

The dollar sounds make you pop .. all my niggas down to ..

The fine .., the fine .., the fine gangsta,

The fine p**sy, the fine rap, the fine paper ..

make u, money get high gangstas let’s get money like the Lakers

make a shit switch up .. in the papers

leave me crispy ..like my kicks .. no favor to the old G’s

gotta time for the .. I had a ruff life called .. .

From the .. in my mind..coffee like an east

Bringing back .. going off the .. threat.

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