TERMANOLOGY - The War Begins lyrics

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The simple is on you

This is the way the world begins

This is the way the world begins

Do you wanna go to war?

I’ll never be smoking walk

I feel these gorillaz and killers in a minute

Protect your sight

And protect your neck

Turn your flesh to ice

To seem like you don’t respect your life

The rap game

Look at me in the respect of light

Cause I blessed the mic

With the best rappers I ever could write

Nigga you lose your electric lights

These low level rappers make it full back

Let’s give them closed casquetes

And cold blackness

I’m so ratchy

The flow’s magic

Interpretation is so classic

We got the show mastered

Forget the block

He stays cause it’s hot out

You get shot at

Just for giving a shut

Word in the hood

Homie got puff for stealing bricks

I’mma cut this shit

Caught him sleeping

And gave him half a clip

T0ook it out

Empty cell, nobody snitches

Boy don’t get your momma shot

I know niggaz with no limit

And they’re out of the box

Niggaz who see murder

They’ll also shit the cops

Niggaz who eat murders

Self-defensively walk

When this rule up in the jungle

Make it hop

Bitches see it wide open

Don’t even score

Catch that bitch you broke

Ready to call

You are the other half that niggaz let off

She cryin’…

Nigga this is the way that the war will begin

Bullshit, every night hearing shots ring

These nivgaz are running into their crib

Or putting their wig

Watch your mouth

My unit is with outfit

Money over ball shit

Cause we about digits

Cash money I laugh

Cause it seems funny

Ha;f a gran

My little man is a blast for me

Ready to lose

So you’re bossed and you better let your hammer off

When the war begins

And all ends to us

Thirsty minds over time with dirty crimes

You do the safe roof like in the dirty times

30 times I had to scrub how many shots you took

This is your life

This is your life on a scrappy look

Look, see they just don’t give a fuck

Listen up for 50 bucks

Rhyming I will pull the stones

I’m coming home

Even with dead trophies

And if you touch me

I’ll get you

That’s the history from your mother’s bleeding

And you’re forced

And you’re fucked with a punch

I’m the only MC on the level

You’re less than a dream

I’m a nightmare

Kruger I’m the ruler with the heart attacked

Plus I’m lyrical, biblical

Part of this rap

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