TERMANOLOGY - The Recipe lyrics

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Fill up my dutch master with the big purple nugget

Please don't be a dick tease you heard exhibit bitch please

And I'm rolling a piff like quick like the coma is about to come

I know that shit was quick bitch but I'm about to come

Move your ass to fuck on over

And give me a sip of that soda, and give me a head of that dodger

And do it just like I told ya

I'm cooling out today, no I ain't doing a thang

But the weed I'm smoking got head the color of tangerine

I heard you loving the team, heard when you fuck that you scream

Take it in every hole, soon as you take off them jeans

Girl you like a movie scene, can't wait for that booty scene

I'm talking triple x rated, let's roll it up, get faded

What happens in Las Vegas, stays up in Las Vegas

So keep me all the way up out your facebook and twitter pages

Now I'm back to this weed I'm smoking

It got you wet as an ocean

Come taste this medical potion, I bet your head will be dozing

I smoke it better be ...

That shit you selling atrocious

The shit I'm getting...each and every nugget is gorgeous

My diamond cut is flawless

I'm from the gutter that's lawless

I grew up poor, just me and my mother

I swear that we couldn't afford shit

Funny how a lot of that done change

Fuck living within my maze

Any day can be your last, you better live like a king

When I met Kendrick at the BET cipher that we did

He told me that I killed that shit

So I know he gonna feel this shit.

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