TERMANOLOGY - The Program f. Slaine and Powda lyrics

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Got the system up, get the windows down

Here we go, with the powder with the crack cocaine

Release the smoke, from the chamber it attack your brain

Now they know, everywhere they don’t ask your name

So don’t lose your mind, you can’t take back that fame

Act this game, bad bitches practice brain

Left a trail around the world full of …

Tell … from Switzerland, England the Michigan

Go back to Callie, got … got you …

This isn’t cool jay, and I ain’t no tardsmith

I’m just a dog with a squad and an art gift

I’m just a … like the…

And you’re just a slob, not a job, you just dog shit

I got a feeling that you having thoughts of killing me

All you’s jealous now, none of you’s as ill as me

I got artillery, like the fucking military

So I’ma make another mill, you just take a pill and be

I was at terror since the public school era

… fucking up your program X 2

I’m a monster, a motherfucking mike murderer

Stiff harder with white bitches on white furniture

Lightburners up and the air and make fireworks

Cut your fucking bitch into pieces and take her Prada purse

I’m in the church, where the bible confessors… suicidal

I put the razorblades on my face and lace it to pieces

Before I let you freak it on the beat better than me

Fuck your freaking nature, and I got a odd future, and a odd past

So here’s the forecast

But it’s rain on your party, hope you got a tent

… put you in your place

A good breathe this is weed…

I was at terror since the public school era

… fucking up your program X 2

Stuff the trees in the phillie, smoking mad big blunts

I had a ball of the throw, but I did it all at once

Yeah the weed that I smoke, 2 collateral damage

Can’t hang with it man, there’s no beating the bandits

I creep where you sleep and fucking teach you some manners

I freak off the leash…

So ready here we go, it’s the corner of convict

Big bag of blow, when the …

Crazy getting dough, yeah you know how the squad get

… the smoke, make you do back flips

…when my shit drop I’m making a ness

Cash my checks, … but I hit the deck

I’ll do this till I get my death, 6 feet under I’ll get my rest

I was at terror since the public school era

… fucking up your program X 2

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