TERMANOLOGY - The Mecca lyrics

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Feat. Reks


Mucho salute from the booth, I'm the truth

From the gold you neva had to the modern day youth

Pipper with the flute, sonyo or haiku

They love what I do from the old to the new

Keep it smooth, all I see are rap bells, I repeat

I'll infuse all your drinks on repeat

Used to star since back then, with crops in the yard

And the nation got days kickin', my kickin' out the yard

Neva been forgotten, nah, I am them, them are me

Had disagreements, but about this music we agree

It is refreshing to see such reflecting

Rebirth of expression, return to the essence

Thus is me, adored by the truest, abhorred by the newest

With swag as the waving flag

I'm verbal with the vocals, just like Teamap said

'Kill 'em like you're supposed to'

And I did that, yeah, I did that, words thru the speaker

Will hit you where my ribs at

See us love here, wherever I'm at,

Dubs and hugs here, record out to Mecca, home

(Hook x4)

I get lots of love


Huh, I'm gettin' laid a lot, plus I'm gettin' payed a lot

Stop at the bloc, I'm like guapin' 'em (huap)

How the dip, how the scene-o flip

My t-low hand, smooth as a peano, greezy yo sip

I see no reason to sit, wait fo' no fuckin' hand out

Be a man, get a job, get some grams out

And please stand down if you ain't a stand out

Too many rappers here, not enough fans out

But in the 978, I'm the man now

Ain't nobody can't compare, and that's hands down

I'm on the sand on the beach gettin' tanned with a drink

Tryna come up with a masterpiece plan

I got the type of love that you can't pay for

Cause I'mma be a real one to the grave, y'all

You know the rules, we give 'em respect due

From ? to Procka PR smooth, that's love

(Hook x4)

I get lots of love

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