TERMANOLOGY - Still Got It Made lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah


Yeah, yeah, yeah

This business is usual, baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m a Puerto Rican and I don’t speak this, so

I got a name

I got lasers and grenades

And razors and blazers, in case you’re aggravated with hate

Big… for my shoes, they deposit in a lope

Gone to my shows, it’s like an army bounce for the truth

ST. stop, I know you heard of us

My … fellows fallen, and I burn this up.

What? I write BAU

Fuck the feds and the cops and the DA, too

I got a name, so let me repeat

From the stage to the street, yeah they all know T!

Terminology, and I’m fulfilling a threat

I kick a whole in the speakers, I take your life in our jet

Don’t be a set cause I stay in a jet

Different city, different color, come and see what I’mma get

Talking pounds, pounds, euros, cash and yens

Coming up in the casinos when I’m cashing in.

I got it made!

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Frank the Butcher

Realm Reality

Term, what up?

Game changed, I’ve been changing it too

My bos choose to remove, that was… brought to a tune.

This mild mode, I don’t give a fuck if you’re acting hard

You’ll be late… I told you I play my part

Dummies is the fourth flow, … is stupidity

Lost in a matrix and fall in love like a trinity

You’re kidding me, all that ball will get your boy clap?

More facts… Frank Ocean, I guess you lost track!

Uh, me and… been this motherfucker

Three bodyguards and the speakers in these motherfuckers

We got it made like a nigga fresh in the shade

And a foreign country with names,

With names we couldn’t pronounce!

I’m like a forty I’m.. directly in the nineties

They only grind me, go for… you need grinding

Consider trying me, it’s infamous and now I’m shining

If you look in my eyes…

Huh, yeah, yeah

ST show off

Huh, yeah, yeah

With that grind selling 80.

I did pay when the record is played

A verse I spit doing less than amazed

..like he stepped in the maze

Them rappers need teachers so, they’re less in a day.

Keep it one, where you from, better rap to the grave

Do you give a fuck when an executive say?

Keep it G, never been disrespected and played

For I let it happen, homie, they’re rapping the place.

I got it made! Gotta gaze, got a grenade

He out of place, hide his face, tell me how I chop a taste!

Won’t …. her graze…and knock ‘em out of…

Everybody craze…Wopi got a case.

Say it once, say it again, bitch!

I got it made! Your bitch do what I tell her,

You think I got it made!

I’m not to be played with

Home boy, it’s not a game!

Fuck the fling, fucking bang, bang

Knock you out the game!

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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