TERMANOLOGY - Set If Off lyrics

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Feat. Ransom

Aye, yo, it's time to set it off,

It's time to set it off, termanology.

The size of your check will tell you if you live or die,

Smoke out a fish a lot, my weed's crystallized,

Pay for twenty five, dimes and whole weeds a piles,

My reef is lime and give me the Wiz Khalifa eyes!

Step on stage and make them catch the holly ghost.

Turn fans to cuddies and make them overdose.

And fuck school, I never had to pull my own support,

Drink on your dead body, now that's a comatose.

These little bullies waste all your post,

Now, I can't sing, my man, I can't hold them off,

I move coast to coast, back full of coke and dough,

My all fam street, you would think I rolle with those,

You be home the most, never where the toasters blow,

I'mma be the first deal on the Oprah show.

Covered in low wittered Freddy mass,

If I wanna see this bitch again, I want a million cash.


(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

Alergy, short fuse.

(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

We came to set it off, set it off!

Give me the change and I'm off.

Got a bubble butt, fake bootie and heels,

Bringing in dollar bills, 'cause she move my pills.

Man, for real, you know how the can can feelm

Turn them in a still, into a banana peal,

Banana clips moved on banana boats,

Smuggle them with the dough, I got the antidote.

For your needs just take one of these.

Fill the rush like a high speed chase with bees,

Blackberry business, man, bake up America!

Brim up 'em pills to a teller on the regular.

There's never a competitor, there's no competition,

'cause I'm the illest rapper in old town's existence.

Are you in a nice position, you to click, nice to see you,

But me, I'm the nicest in my city, text messages pouring in about my excellence.

I'm a fourfeeter, double what you pay in rent!


(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

Aha, you know the name!

(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

Goya, goya, show off, hip-hop to the core,

Hey, yo, Wizz, set it off!

A murderous weapon, like hollow tips on asserting the wessen,

Murder agression, every nerd will be nervous or stressing,

Learning my lesson, I'm superb when I'm burning my session,

See my expression? My profession is surgical blesses,

Jagary, swag shatty, body bags,

Murder niggers probably mad until they take a polygraph.

And now I'm 'bout to set it off,

A snake will always be a snake 'till the head is off,

Never soft, serving like ~feather offed metaphors, metamorphs,

Hit into a deal and I'm scheming to knock the devil off.

A man turned assassin who cashed in,

Y'all niggers is missing a passion, at past ten.

On the way to steal, have to stay in jail,

'cause I rip and steal, strip them like Chip and Dale,

A nigger with an attitude, I'm as bad as Cube,

It's the jerrycurl, nigger, I'm very thorough.


(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

(Set it off, fff, set it off!)

Give it up for Terminology,

Give it up for D! The incredible D.J. Status.

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