TERMANOLOGY - Say It Remix lyrics

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If you say you did it

You did it and they did it to you

If you wake up in hustle

You had to get a …

I am a big dog but stay a little ..

.. take a look at this game

This shit is .. this nigger say what they will do

They don’t know is a circus not a zoo they say they’ll go but they don’t know

.. so you can lie say you played .. used to take your bike

.. never been in a .. fight … with a media .. might as well

.. if you really want .. make you hot than Toni Montana

Just say it .. and we came .. give a fuck about hate ..

I get respect from the rappers that … back to ..

Say it to my face .. cause we .. this one

I am gonna murder it .. to life .. heard of that ..

I don’t talk to .. Lord have mercy have grace have the decency to get out of my face

… be right back now that’s real just keep it real

You want me to .. is time to .. let the hood .. no way it can lose

.. keeping true .. this was 93 I will probably be .. who only talk …

Nobody never heard of you … nobody seen you busting your gun

You wouldn’t bust .. tell you about a kid named divine … this is what you gotta do to shine

.. we ain’t the ones to play with .. you walk around with the big boys

Say it … 30 shots in a … listen .. I am the .. 50 boys come and 50 boys ..

Fire put the flam out .. the love of murder .. make memorials ..

Destiny child all you gotta do is say my name

Say it

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