TERMANOLOGY - Reality lyrics

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Ft. Ea$y Money and Hectic


Y'all betta salute a G and act right when you see me

It's real, more than just what we recite in the CD

You fightin' with EaZy, I'm lightin' a DE

The flare from this shit will give you vitamin DB

We put em biscuits straight to ribs

Gotta give you the business, no patronage

And we all ... hood rats, different cids, yo bitch get ratchet

We fuck with em bitches, switch ...

Rib it and flash it, would you click it and clack it

Or you're quicker to pass it to yo nigga to blast it

Homie, we come through and air the place

Rippin' yo head, that's not keepin' yo hair in place

Bunch of niggas from the streets who get it, lead through wid it

The steel, damn, fuck it, we will beat you wid it

The game badder, the same cat that'll hug ya

Will aim at ya then let yo brains splatter like you ain't matter

(Verse 2)

Aye yo, it's S to the D dot, family in attendance

Pray to the Lord but no more for repentance

I'm repping for my team till death be my sentence

Speak in diagrams, but y'all can't comprehend it

The streets are hectic, burn rubber like contraceptive

You got a question, spit flames to teach a lesson

There's no contestants, homie, killas with comprehension

I'm a law town nigga that ... with no question

Projector screen niggas, you tv funny

My Termanology Hectic, ask Ea$y Money

Practice the art of sin when I snuck in the club

And got a clip all up in yo mug, got blood on the rug

I got a sweeper and a couple of snubs

Say somethin' if ya tryna dug, you bitch nigga

It's ST and we up in the cut

Snitch niggas catch the but of the gun, bitch nigga

Reality of seein' and doin' and not waitin'

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