TERMANOLOGY - Live From ATL lyrics

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We hold cold in the street fuck the judge player

Hand will be … hanging no chaser

The rumor … he heard them out

Too concern about me I turn them out

I would be in the hood on the blocks where is hot

The .. shots still keep you diamond and …

Swag them around slanging … bounce

Terminology just a part of me how I sound ..

Don’t be talking no reckless … pimpim

Sad in my pants I am walking … I am talking your piping

Another dimension easy for you to mention

Grow silly dumb stupid Jessica Simpson

Potation my .. is commencing don’t worry

I am smarter than you think bitch so don’t sleep on me

You shake .. glass call on piece on me

I am in the .. French Montana fuck your read bayed Hummer

Is the mentality from my reality even couldn’t drove east

Couldn’t drove as fast as me most of earliest …

.. what you thought fuck your brains …if I came up

.. this is the spot world travelling girls grabbing my arm

… you begin .. my name and get slam I don’t rap

My name .. sorry cocaine

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