TERMANOLOGY - Get Away lyrics

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Ft. Skyzoo, Torae & Reks


I feel like shit, man

Drank a bottle of Henny last night, man

Real shit

(Verse: Termanology)

Yo, fresh off tour, been on the roll for a whole year

Back to back beer licka beer licka beer beer

Hangova, headache, let my dome ventilate

Reflect on the disrespectful words that I said to Jake last night

Too bad, runnin' off out the mouth drunk words

Sober thoughts, easier to spit it out

Feelin' like I need to vacate, been up for eight days

Stage after stage, afterparty parade

Let me explain, baby girl, my energy drained

I ain't tryna fuck, just gimme head and I'm straight

I need a kingsize bed, four pillows and a comforter

Drunk textin' baby momma, guess I'm still in luv with 'er

Really you be stressed when you down on yo last

And you try to chose, buy food or buy gas

Tryna get away somewhere that's less lava

Reminiscin' on bein' the getaway driver

Stupid shit, hustlin', shoot-outs, movin' bricks

Fuck that, I'm tryna relax and kick back


So I feel I gotta (get away, get away)

From the streets (get away, get away)

I gotta (get away, get away)

(Verse 2: Skyzoo)

Still call me S(10)kyzO(h)O(h), okay

From the most humble of beginnings

With foe fum tumbling the scrimage

Made it out the button of my endin'

My DOA was out of the known from what I leisurely do

Cuz fo' me, OT was what a G would do

Still corner store sky, still scams off of everything

Workin' yeah hands worth to get a ring

Word to first blunts, cuttin' class, first wiffey

She was nothin' fast, neva bragged about who I tagged

Always wore a bag on my dick, pants sag, all my chicks OG3

Is a world foams, and fatigue's, shit is lame

I grew up around the corner where they squeeze before they aim

And then they explain it later, pissin' the elevators was my usual

Now more MGM suitable, my fan base is part-time models recallin' cubicals

I did away with one of my supporters at the show

If you'd seen her then you'd get wiser and wanna go get away


(Get away, get away)

From the streets (get away, get away)

I gotta (get away, get away)

From the streets (get away, get away)

(Verse 3: Torae)

Sometimes I gotta get away, put the mic down, I don't spit today

All this smoke, but I need a spiff today

Henny cups sipped today, just sit back, not doin' shit today

Might cop some flips and some kicks today

Cold seated mix today, they played them selves, need some chicks today

Begged Term' and Reks for some chips today

Might text yo chick today, she been beggin' to gettin' shit away

Second thought, nah, that's no getaway, I need some Hathaway

Cast away, treat her Wednesday like it's Saturday

Trauma go that way, commas move that way

It's more money, more pro'lems, but with no money ain't no way to solve em

I'd rather revolve em than involve em

Be a slaver, be a sovereign, get awake cuz anyday can be yo coffin

And that's why every often I be loftin', of course the caution's important

But I just transported, now I'm resorting

Guess my last resort was to


(Get away, get away)

From the streets (get away, get away)

I gotta (get away, get away)

From the streets (get away, get away)

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